A Landscape In Signals

by Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood

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A fixed monotone stares at a beacon of light.

Recalling a hundred suicide attempts, this light flickers and fades away leaving the provocateur hugging her fake fur lined collar held close by a leather gloved hand. She searches for her form in the documentary footage on a million screens.

‘We have presented our report. We can only report what we have seen. And what we have seen is that which we have been told is the truth.’

Spies lining the precinct advance into the moonlight at their calling. Vengeance turns and makes her way to the vehicle parked kerbside in a vacuum street. Everything is a frozen stillness, except the door of the sedan that swings open.


released May 6, 2016





Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood UK

He sits in a small room listening to their conversations and speaking to himself.
They all listen, dying to answer their own questions. He watches his own likeness reflected in the broadcast on the screen and recognises no-one.

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